If you’re like most Baltimore, MD homeowners, there’s a good chance you split your household’s maintenance up into seasonal lists. It’s a good way of making sure nothing gets missed without getting too overwhelmed. The thing is, however, that you have to add the right maintenance tasks to your lists if you want to keep your home in tip-top shape. As the go-to residential HVAC and plumbing service provider in this area, we thought we’d help by offering you a complete spring checklist for your home’s HVAC and plumbing.

Which HVAC Tasks to Do in the Spring

Since you depend on your home’s HVAC system for comfort through each yearly heating and cooling season, spring is an ideal time for HVAC maintenance. You should be able to get most of the important maintenance items out of the way while you don’t require heat or air conditioning. That way, you won’t have to worry about shutting down your HVAC unit for maintenance when you need it most. Here are five spring HVAC maintenance tasks to add to your list.

1. An Air Filter Change

The first HVAC task you should tackle in the spring is to change your HVAC air filter. This is something that you should do after roughly three months of use. So, coming out of the heating season is the perfect time to do it. Then, you’ll need to do it again when fall comes around. It’s a good idea to replace your HVAC air filter with one that’s the same size and has the same MERV rating. If anyone in your household has allergies, you can purchase a more efficient filter to capture additional allergens from your home’s air. Just don’t select a filter with a MERV rating higher than 13, or it may negatively impact your HVAC unit’s airflow.

2. Vacuum All of Your Vents

If you’re putting in a new HVAC air filter, you should go around your home and vacuum all of your vents, too. This will prevent any accumulated dust or dirt from clogging up your new filter the moment you turn on the HVAC system. Plus, it will improve your home’s air quality significantly. If you’re comfortable doing it, you can even remove the vent grilles and use your vacuum to clean up dust as far into each duct as you can reach. Every little bit you remove will help your indoor air.

3. Check Your Thermostat’s Batteries

If you have a programmable thermostat, there’s a good chance it’s powered by a pair of AA batteries. If those batteries die, so will your thermostat. When that happens, your HVAC unit could shut off when you need it running, like while you’re sleeping. So, spring is the perfect time to check your thermostat’s batteries and replace them as necessary.

4. Clean Around Your Outdoor Unit

Since you’ll need air conditioning as soon as spring ends, you’ll also want to take some time to clean up around your HVAC’s outdoor unit. Sweep up any dirt or debris that’s accumulated there, and pick up and remove any twigs or foreign matter that worked its way into the outdoor unit itself. This will ensure proper airflow to allow your HVAC unit to cool your home as efficiently as possible.

5. Check Your Condensate Drain

Finally, you should check your HVAC unit’s condensate drain to make sure it isn’t obstructed. If you don’t know what or where the condensate drain is, you can find it by looking for a PVC pipe running away from your HVAC’s indoor unit. This is where your system removes condensation buildup as your air conditioner runs. The pipe should run to a location outside of your home, typically near the outdoor unit. Check the open end of the condensate drain line to make sure it isn’t dirty or blocked. If it is, clear away the obstruction.

Which Plumbing Tasks to Do in the Spring

The spring is also a great time to check on your home’s plumbing and correct any small issues you find. If you do this regularly, you may have the chance to catch a plumbing problem before it grows large enough to damage your home. Here are some of the most important plumbing tasks to add to your springtime maintenance list.

1. Check for Leaky Fixtures

The first task to add to your list is a check of your home’s fixtures for signs of leaks. Look underneath each sink for signs of water damage or dripping water. Then, look around each faucet to see if there’s any discoloration that indicates water coming out where it shouldn’t be. You can also take a look at any exposed plumbing that runs through your basement or crawlspace to look for evidence of leaks. If you find any, call At Your Service Heating & Cooling LLC for help.

2. Check Your Toilets

Another thing you should do each spring is check each of your house’s toilets for proper operation. Begin by examining each one for any signs of cracking or unusual wear. Then, flush each toilet to make sure it works properly, including draining and refilling at the right speed. If you hear any trickling noises after a toilet refills, check its flapper for signs of damage or wear. If you find any, replace it.

3. Inspect Your Water Heater

If you have a tank-style water heater, you should inspect it for any signs of leaks every spring. This is especially important if your water heater is 10 years old or older. You should also check that your water heater’s temperature is set to no higher than 120 degrees. That’s the sweet spot for maximum comfort, safety, and energy savings.

4. Open and Test Your Hose Bibs

Before the first frost, you should have turned off the water supply to your home’s outdoor hose bibs and installed insulating covers on them. So, you’ll need to remove that insulation, turn your hose bib water supplies back on, and test everything out. This will ensure your hose bibs didn’t suffer any damage over the winter and stand ready for use when the temperature begins climbing.

5. Test Your Sump Pump

If your home relies on a sump pump to deal with excess springtime rainfall, you should test it each spring to be sure it’s ready to work. You can do this by filling a bucket of water and pouring it into your sump. Once the water reaches high enough to raise your sump pump’s float, it should turn on. If it doesn’t, check for signs of obstruction of the float or the pump itself. If you don’t see any and the pump still doesn’t turn on, call At Your Service Heating & Cooling LLC for help.

Your Local HVAC and Plumbing Experts

If your springtime maintenance list uncovers any problems with your Baltimore home’s HVAC or plumbing, At Your Service Heating & Cooling LLC can help. We offer a complete range of HVAC services, including installation, repair, and maintenance, along with comprehensive plumbing services. We also offer indoor air quality and ductwork services and work with commercial clients, too. We’ve been serving the residents of Baltimore since 2013 and have won multiple service awards for excellence in that time.

So, if your Baltimore home needs HVAC or plumbing services this spring, call the experts at At Your Service Heating & Cooling LLC today.

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