Ductless Mini-Split Systems

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Energy-Saving Benefits

In homes with traditional central HVAC systems, conditioned air is distributed through interconnected ductwork. Because ductless systems deliver air directly into living spaces, the energy loss that can come with ductwork is eliminated. Since as much as 30 percent of the air that moves through ductwork is often lost due to leaks, gaps, and loose connections, the savings ductless systems offer are substantial. Additional energy-saving features and functions include:

  • Individual temperature controls with zoned systems. This means you won’t waste energy conditioning unoccupied rooms.
  • Variable-speed operation which means the ductless AC uses less energy when cooling demands are low.
  • Multiple fan speeds let you adjust operation quickly to meet your needs.
  • Exceptionally high SEER ratings can cut your cooling costs by 30 percent or more.

Advantages of Going Ductless

Perfect for older homes, remodels, or room additions where installing ducts isn’t feasible, mini-split AC systems offer a wide array of comfort benefits for every application:

  • Ductless systems operate so quietly that you’ll barely notice when it cycles on or off.
  • Eliminating ducts is a great way to improve indoor air quality so that everyone can breathe easier.
  • Ductless AC offers a safer alternative to window units that compromise home security.

How they work