Preventative Maintenance

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Commercial Maintenance

At AYS Heating and Cooling, we understand that your business depends on a comfortable climate for you and your customers.

Reduce Unnecessary Costs

Downtime is the Greatest Risk – One hour’s downtime could wipe out one month’s profits. Downtime is any unplanned interruption in the business process. Production stops, but overhead keeps consuming cash. 

Condition % Occurrence Cost per Year
Dirty condenser coil 75% $45-$200
Improper refrigerant charge 70% $75-$300
Dirty evaporator coil 55% $60-$250
Dirty blower wheels 45% $55-$225
Duct leak 35% $50-$250
Wrong motor 10% $25-$140
Severity Example Downtime
Minor Bad capacitor must be replaced 1-3 Hours
Moderate TXV must be replaced 3-24 Hours
Major Entire unit must be replaced 1-2 days
Catastrophic Production halts while system is replaced ˃2 days

24-Hour Commercial Heating and Cooling Repair Service

You never plan for your air conditioners or furnace to stop working and we understand that interruptions of service cost money. That’s why we have a fleet of service vehicles ready to assist you when you need us most. We offer flexible scheduling so we keep workflow interruptions to a minimum. Our pricing is provided upfront before any work begins.

Our technicians drive fully stocked vehicles to ensure the fastest repairs around and they carry what they need for commercial repairs.

Our technicians service ALL makes, models, and brands of commercial air conditioning and furnace systems including:

We also offer commercial service plans to keep your systems properly maintained and operating efficiently all year long. Click here to view our plan.