Peace of Mind with Baltimore Sump Pump Service

    When you have a perimeter drainage system installed in your home, your sump pump is your main line of defense against a basement flood. If you can’t count on your sump system to be powerful or reliable enough, then you can’t count on a dry basement. And what good is the space if it gets wet?

    Backup Sump Pumps

    Like any mechanical utility within your home, your sump pump can eventually fail. A sump pump contains moving parts that can wear out or malfunction over the years.

    The best way to make sure your home is protected from a sump pump failure is to make sure that you have a battery backup pump and secondary sump pump ready to operate in an emergency.

    What’s Keeping Your Basement Dry?

    The Problem Primary Sump Pump Secondary Pump Battery Backup Pump
    Normal Rainfall
    Heavy Rain Overwhelms
    Primary Pump
    Complete Power Failure
    Primary Pump Failure
    Primary & Secondary
    Pump Failure
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