At Your Service Heating & Cooling LLC is your neighborhood expert for geothermal HVAC in Aberdeen, MD. This ground-source heat pump provides heating and cooling in one compact unit and uses very little electricity. The system’s refrigerant does all the work because heat naturally flows to cooler areas. Relatively shallow underground space remains about 50 degrees Fahrenheit all year.

In the winter, cold refrigerant absorbs the geothermal heat from under the ground, and compression heats it. The warm refrigerant flows inside and transfers heat into a cooler room. In the summer, cold refrigerant absorbs heat from a warm room, and it’s compressed, so it’s very hot. Its radiant energy transfers into the cooler outside environment, and the refrigerant remains in a closed loop. Geothermal heating and cooling systems keep you comfortable in any weather without a furnace or space heater.