Your home’s HVAC ducts are the conduits for hot and cold air produced by your central air system. Because these passageways are often hidden in attics, you may not realize that the ducts have cracks, holes or disconnected sections. At At Your Service Heating & Cooling LLC, we can perform HVAC duct sealing so that your system works at optimal levels. Consider these 12 benefits of HVAC duct sealing.

1. Saving Money

Primarily, sealing your HVAC ducts saves money. The indoor system pushes air through the ducts with a blower. If the airflow encounters other pathways, such as through a hole or disconnected section, that air is lost to the attic or other unwanted areas.

Because each room receives only part of the conditioned air, the system must work harder and longer to cool or heat the home. This scenario leads to expensive energy bills. As a solution, duct sealing by our Baltimore, MD team saves you money over time because the air reaches each vent without any detours.

2. Helping the Environment

By sealing your ducts, your system uses less energy to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. This energy savings equates to less fossil fuels burnt to produce the necessary electricity. By burning fewer fossil fuels, you contribute to cleaner air than before. Ultimately, our HVAC duct sealing services contribute to a healthier environment.

At At Your Service Heating & Cooling LLC, we can seal your ducts and install a new thermostat to improve your environmental impact. Over the next few months, your energy bills should drop. Compare your old bills to the new charges for a noticeable difference.

3. Preparing for an Outage

As you acclimate to a sealed system, your home will use less energy. If there’s ever a power outage, you can rely on a backup generator. Certainly, the generator’s fuel can last longer than before.

The HVAC system doesn’t require excess energy like before, which translates to the generator’s fuel lasting longer during an emergency. Because each power outage can have a fluctuating duration, conserving fuel is always a benefit. Keeping you safe and comfortable during an outage requires a mixture of efficient appliances and smart technologies.

4. Enhancing Your Indoor Air Quality

A subtle benefit of HVAC duct sealing is better indoor air quality. Every HVAC system uses a blower and filter where air travels in and out of the components. With sealed ducts, no dust can enter cracks and other openings. Effectively, the entire airflow goes through the filter, which reduces particulates in the indoor air. For residents with seasonal allergies, the positive impacts are priceless, as congestion might clear up with only a few system cycles.

5. Protecting the Property From Back Drafting

Many appliances in your household, such as water heaters and laundry dryers, might use natural gas. Any noxious fumes exit the structure through nearby vents. If you have unsealed ducts, however, these exhaust fumes might cause a back draft in the home.

Because these fumes are both noxious and flammable, a safety issue arises. Confined fumes and a small spark can cause a fire. If you contact At Your Service Heating & Cooling LLC for a duct inspection, we can perform a repair that minimizes any safety concerns.

6. Preventing Infestations

Ducts with cracks or large openings are subject to infestations. This is especially true because of the duct’s isolated locations in most homes. By repairing your Baltimore, MD ducts, insects and other organisms cannot live and breed within the system.

Preventing infestations also leads to cleaner air within the home. Pest dander, for example, is unhealthy and difficult to spot at times. By eliminating possible infestations, the entire household benefits from healthier air and fewer pest problems.

7. Preserving Your Valuables

Baltimore can have extremely humid days. If you don’t have properly conditioned indoor air, this humidity can negatively impact your valuables. Treasured books, antiques and even appliances can be damaged in humid conditions. By sealing the ducts, your HVAC system can efficiently dehumidify the home. Any vulnerable valuables remain dry, which preserves them almost indefinitely. Without HVAC duct sealing, the airflow is only partly dehumidified. As a result, your items might be damaged on humid days in the summer and fall.

8. Curbing Hot and Cold Spots

Damaged ducts lead to imbalanced airflow into your rooms. During the summer, one room might be colder than another. This same scenario may occur during the winter as one room gets hotter than the rest of the home.

Solve hot and cold spots with a duct-sealing service from At Your Service Heating & Cooling LLC. We can repair or replace ducts as necessary. As we inspect the system, our team can recommend any other parts that might enhance your home’s indoor air quality.

9. Improving Your Home’s Value

If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, HVAC duct sealing improves your property’s value. Because the ductwork prolongs your system’s lifespan and reduces energy consumption, this project is valuable to buyers. For example, a “for sale” listing might include details about a newer HVAC system with brand-new ducts. Truthfully, any update to a major appliance within the home is worth advertising to potential buyers.

10. Protecting Your HVAC System’s Delicate Parts

Within your HVAC system is an evaporator coil. It actively absorbs heat so that the air conditioning can emit cool air. As the system’s airflow moves through the components, the coil is subjected to particulates. If you have damaged ducts, residue covers the evaporator coil. Shortly, the coil might overheat from this buildup.

Ideally, duct sealing can protect the coil from damage. Although some particulates will float through the system, there won’t be many. As a result, your system’s components can remain in operation for a long time.

11. Revealing Other System Issues

By duct sealing your HVAC system, other issues might be found and repaired. For example, return and supply plenums may not be sufficiently sized for your system. These sections allow air to flow in and out of the components with optimal speed. If our team finds plenums that are too big or small, we can correct their size during the duct-sealing service. As a result, your system will have better airflow than before.

12. Enhancing Airflow Through the Vents

Duct sealing will result in more air moving through the system than before. Remarkably, it might feel noticeably cooler or warmer based on the system’s setting, like a strong breeze. As a result, you might alter the vents’ airflow direction so that it’s not pointing directly at seats or sofas.

Typically, this enhanced airflow leads to shorter activation periods. In short, the system can cool or heat the space more efficiently than before. When it doesn’t need to operate for long periods, components are preserved and their lifespans extended.

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Along with installation, repairs and maintenance for your cooling and heating systems, our Baltimore, MD team can perform specialty maintenance for heat pumps, ductless mini-split systems and more. Also, we work with backup generators and can test your indoor air quality.

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